Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Water Globes Added to the store today!

Set of two Glass Water Globes ~ ~ $15.99 plus S&H
Just wanted to freshen up a bit ... a few new items are in my store ... these water globes are beautiful and perfect for your hanging baskets in the hot sun ... and they will attract some butterflies! Comes as a set of two for $15.99 plus S&H. Also added a new Billy Jacobs print for the summer, MY AMERICAN HOME, and a sweet 16" grapevine wreath with pips and flags ... perfect for the summer months! Come and stop by the store ~ Have a blessful day!



  1. I love your water globes! I have never used them before, though. But they sure are pretty.

  2. Thanks Chritina! I love them too! So pretty and not overly big that takes away from a flower basket! Very unique. Thanks for reading stay in touch!