Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well it is Sunday night and the kids are somewhat, in my opinion, excited to go back to school. I guess if you would ask them they would say "one more day please". I think that it is good to get back into the routine of whatever your daily schedule may bring. For me it is now getting up, making sure they brush their teeth, comb the hair and eat something ... and of course the lunches. Which for my older one is easy because he eats at school ... the younger one is my picky eater ... it is a joy to figure out what he might eat for the days lunch and snack ... yep he still gets his "snack time". My hubby laughs because growing up we never got the snack time in school ... I guess we are turning into our parents .. "you know when I was in school...". Anyway, I too am glad to get back onto schedule. I have been in a creative funk and need to get some ideas together for I am in a few craft shows coming up. They will be my first and I am a bit nervous but excited to do something new in my life. One never knows what to expect, but I guess that is the chance we take. A few new things came to my website and Etsy store this week ... I am working on some new things for the coming week and hope it comes out just the way I would hope it to! Until the next time I blog .... have a pleasant day and may you be blessed in whatever you are attempting to acheive.


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