Monday, February 18, 2013

Springtime ...coming soon

Hello to all my's been a long time since I last posted anything sorry!  I just wanted to say a quick "hello"... It's been a busy start to the New Year, I am so thankful for all my customers new and old!  You are so appreciated here!  I am stating to get some new things into my store - seasonal and everyday ... Spring things are going fast, I think because Easter is early this year...or we all want some warmer weather!  I am trying to keep up with my website, but I did have some sad news before Christmas, the person who hosts my site and helps me out passed away suddenly ... Very I am trying to keep everything updated as best as I can.  Please contact me with any questions.  In honor of Presidents' Day I posted a pic of one of my favorite quotes ... My hubby and I went to see Lincoln, what a beautiful movie, I hope you have the chance to see it.  Til next time, may you be blessed, Bobbie

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