Friday, February 5, 2010


New folk art inspired wood eggs with star ... flat bottoms for easy placement. Comes as a set of 6. They are back this year! So many requests for these last year! Set of 6 wood eggs, various designs painted and a crackled look! So cool! Comes packed in a carton.

Pepper Grass Bush ~ Available in 14" and 21" and also in a 33" Hanging (weepy bush) So primitive for the tops of your cabinets, hutches or containers ...add some pips or bunnies for the spring!

New for 2010! LED candlestick in a crimped pan! How nice and safe this is for you windowsills or bookshelves! Available in black or burgundy pans. Trio of black candlesticks, 3 sizes made of resin. LED candlesticks would go great in these!

Hello to all my friends! I sure hope that your new year is starting out well. For me it has been, so far so good boys have have been well, no major illness to speak of (cross my fingers, winter is still here!) My youngest is on a undefeated basketball team ...(so far) so he is so happy to be apart of a winning team and my hubby just celebrated his 43rd birthday ... we are blessed with employment, so reason to celebrate. It has been a long hard road for us but it made us a more stronger and faithful family. He started the job back in October and could not be happier. Please for anyone reading this and going through a hard time know that all will get better. Stay strong and stay busy and most of all pray. The winter is getting long, for most of us in the midwest we get ansy at this time for the first sign of spring. Today is not that day for it is snowing :(. 6 more weeks, so Phil says! I am keeping busy with adding many new products to the store, some really nice new things from the vendors that I use. I am happy with the selection, but know if you are looking for something and you dont see it here, please email me and I will find it for you or lead you in the right direction! I had an email today looking for the labels I use on my grungy jars and I put her on the path of where to find them. I love to help out my fellow crafters out there! This weekend is the Superbowl and we are the hosts this year. I am looking forward to having a party in my home since it has been awhile! I have been lagging on the blogging, so my apologies. First off the computer went into the shop so I was working off the Itouch which is hard to beable to do this. And just been busy with updating the site. I am posting a few pics of the new products, but please check out the store. I will be starting my bunnies again, which I am behind, but they are coming! Well I think that is it for now ~ have yourself a nice weekend! I promise I will update sooner! ~~Bobbie

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