Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thursday ...

I think today it is time to take down some of the fall and Thanksgiving and make way for Christmas ...Usually I do not do it this early but I feel I am going to run behind. With the show taking up my first weekend in December it really cuts me down in time. I have had so much inspiration from reading others blogs this morning. I am having luch with a friend today that may interrupt the momentum. As long as I can get it away I would be happy :) that is half the battle. I am not hosting Thanksgiving, usually my sister gets that day so I think to myself why keep this out any longer. Maybe it will inspire me to do more things that I have been meaning to get to. I did get one of my orders in so I can now complete my santa boots ...I have a vision of how they will turn out so let us see ~ Not too much else to report on the crafting part...December will sure be a busy month ... looking ahead I have a few Christmas parties to enjoy with my hubbies new company that he works for, my sons last party in school (he is in 5th grade so these are his last ones) My mom turns 65 on Christmas so I am planning a Christmas/surprise party for her, (of course with the help of my sister), & my mother-in-law usually has the whole family over the Saturday before the christmas I say I am going to be even more busy! Which is good! Anyway have to start on my home with you soon ... ~Bobbie

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