Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Day of November ~ All Saints Day

The day started early, unintentionally, with the time change we found ourselves at the 7:30 am mass instead of the usual 9am ...then a quick McDonalds breakfast, back home to take down the halloween, if you know me I just can't leave it up past a day after halloween on the outside. For some reason this is the only seasonal thing I feel I need to switch the day after! Christmas, Valentines, Easter and the Red/White and Blue can stay past the day, but for some reason the halloween just can't! Call me crazy. Anyway the Pilgrims are out, the goose is dressed now it is time for Turkey Day to come...not to quick though! Took the boys clothes shopping ..they "Needed" a couple of new shirts for school and we just had the chance to hang out together while Dad was home watching the Bears game...alone. The week will be busy one for me ...The kids are off for 3 days this week for conferences, I am hosting our Bunco group Friday night, so I need to prepare some goodies for that (and clean my house!) and of course I have my Holiday show on Saturday... so I have some more things to get together....hopefully my trees will be in so I can get those together :) ~ I will be a busy one this week which is good for me! Here are a couple of pics of the outside ~ May your week be blessed! ~~Bobbie

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