Monday, October 5, 2009

October ...Already?

It seems like yesterday that I was waiting for Spring to arrive ... and now it is the first week in October! The mums are in full bloom ... the chill is in the air....and the leaves on my front tree are starting to I ready for this new season to be here I ask myself. It is my favorite time of the year, but for some reason this year is different for me. My home that is always done in the season is done simly this time and for the halloween, well I can say I got the outside decorated tonight and it looks nice. Maybe tomorrow some of my witchy things will come out and scatter about. I think that I am crafting so much for the next few shows that I am just too busy to do my own stuff. I love what I have been doing and maybe that is where my heart has been. Keeping all that I want to accomplish is sometimes harder than what it seems to be. Well I must get back to some staining ...just wanted to get my first blog in for the month. Yes, I am still going to do a giveaway, just have not had the time to get it together...soon though! Be sure to check back. Til then may your day be blessed! ~~Bobbie

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